Month-End Retreat September 2019

Dear Divine Atman,

Pune Kendra is happy to announce month end retreat at Sarovar Sadhanalya, Khanapur on the topic "Being a Householder Devotee" from Saturday 28 September 2019, 8.30 am to 1.30 pm Sunday 1.30 pm.

As you are aware, this weekend falls between 26 September which is Lahiri Mahasaya's Mahasamadhi Diwas and 30 September, Avirbhav Diwas.  Babaji said to Lahiri Mahasaya,” You have been chosen to bring solace through Kriya Yoga to numerous earnest seekers. The millions who are encumbered by family ties and heavy worldly duties will take new heart from you, a householder like themselves.”

During this retreat we will have reading sessions from YSS/SRF literature and audio recordings on the subject. There will be long meditations and time for silence and introspection, as per the attached schedule.

We are starting this month end Retreat earlier on Saturday than usual to give greater time for personal withdrawal from the busy urban life.  The requirement of complete silence, as mentioned in the accompanying "Sadhanalya Guidelines" will also help to gain most from the Retreat.  Photographs of the Retreat on our website show the sylvan surroundings beckoning you to retreat within. 

This will be a good opportunity for devotees to deepen their sadhana. Please read the attached guideline for retreatants, and send the required registration informatio to 9824019930 or 9881240512 or you can send an email to [email protected]

Althought there is no fixed fee for the Retreat, the Retreat is entirely dependent on your donations, the only source of income.  We are sometimes asked how much one should contribute.  We suggest that devotees contribute Rs 300 per person per night's stay.  We want to encourage devotees to use this facility, and have suggested a lower contribution - although actual cost per person is much higher considering the cost of staff / supplies/ maintenance and the number of devotees who use the facilities.  Devotees can put their donation privately in a pranami box, or write a cheque (and get a receipt).

In case you are able to offer any volunteer services (like serving food, etc) at Khanapur, please let us know.  Your support is very welcome.

Schedule of the retreat is given herebelow.

Please also read carefully the rules and regulations to be followed to make your and other devotees retreat more effective and meaningful!

Guruji said, "Seek quiet places where you can regularly get away by yourself  and be free to think of God."

In divine friendship,

Yogoda Satsanga Dhyan Kendra, Pune


Yogoda Satsanga Sarovar Sadhanalaya, Khanapur, Pune


All are requested to follow the guidelines and discipline at Sadhanalaya to make it more effective for one’s meditation and sadhana.

Observance of the following important guidelines will be of great assistance to devotees in developing an inner awareness of God’s Presence

1. Devotees are requested to register for month- end retreat by phone or email or whatsapp by giving the following details

  • Name
  • Yogoda Lesson registration no
  • Phone no for messages:
  • Address:
  • Date and time of arrival:
  • Date and time of departure:

Devotees may inform if they have any special requirement.

Contact details: +91-9890199093 or +91-9881240512

Email id: [email protected]

2. Weather condition may be checked and reconfirmed before proceeding for Sadhanalaya in advance to avoid any inconvenience. After  arrival at Sadhanalaya, an entry should be made in the register kept at Dhyana Mandir.

It may please be noted that Sadhanalaya is a bit remotely located and low on phone  / transport connectivity. Devotees need to plan their stay accordingly.

3. Devotees are requested to maintain complete silence at the Sadhanalaya. During their stay mobiles are to be kept on silent or flight mode. Any unnecessary discussions or conversations with fellow devotees are to be avoided.

 One may of course speak with the resident Sevak if necessary.

If there is a need to talk something over with a devotee, it may be done near the parking lot or on the terrace.

4. Children below age of 14 are not permitted unless they are accompanied by YSS member. A special permission is needed in the exceptional situations

5. If a single lady devotee or  a single old devotee wishes to stay at the Sadhanalaya, they will be allowed only if there are other devotees staying there at that time. This is only for safety of the devotee.

6. Devotees who need medical attention should refrain from staying at Sadhanalaya as there is no emergency medical facility nearby. All medications must be carried as necessary.

7. Devotees should refrain from going to lake / temple of leaves alone. Proper care should be taken on the steps which can get very slippery during rainy season. There are reptiles and animals in and around the Sadhanalaya which can cause harm or can be dangerous sometimes.

8. Devotees are requested to strive to maintain the beauty of the Sadhanalaya by not plucking flowers, fruits and leaves and keeping the environment and surroundings clean.

9. Devotees may use water and electricity cautiously. Devotees may ask resident Sevak on how to use the water geyser, etc. during their stay. Alteration of any settings on electrical or gas geyser must be avoided. 

10. Best possible food is prepared and served within the available resources. It may be noted that there will be a limited choice of food menu. Devotees are requested not to insist on special preparation. Tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided as a part of services from Sadhanalaya as per specified schedule.

11. Devotees may park vehicles in the designated parking area only. Parking in porch in front of Dhyana Mandir is prohibited as it causes inconvenience to others.

12. Any tips or ’bakshish’ to any worker is strictly discouraged as the workers are paid by Yogoda Satsanga Society.

13. Devotees are expected to participate in all scheduled activities. Group meditation strengthens an individual devotee’s sadhana. God responds through the spiritual law- when individuals gather together to unite their efforts towards a common goal of God communion.

14. Devotees are requested to wear decent and sober clothes. Wearing shorts may be avoided. Ladies wearing western outfits are requested to wear long tops with stoles or dupattas. Wearing noisy bangles or payals may be avoided.

15. Use of strong perfumes while staying at the Sadhanalaya may be avoided. Burning of incense/ agarbattis in the room is not permitted.

16. Devotees are requested to take care to keep the room allotted and its toilet clean during their stay.

17. Devotees are urged to avoid reading secular literature such as newspaper and magazines. It is beneficial to use the quiet time to imbue one’s consciousness with inspiring and uplifting thoughts of our beloved God.

18. Devotees are requested to avoid making or receiving telephone calls except in emergencies. This will help in cultivating a sense of being with God during the stay at the Sadhanalaya.

19.  A devotee’s conduct at Sadhanalaya is not only helpful to his or her sadhana,  but also to other devotees’ sadhana. Hence, adherence to all rules and regulations is important.  Devotees are expected to behave soberly, befitting a sadhak who wants to retreat within.  One should not come for spending a holiday or picnic as it disturbs the spiritual environment. If any devotee is observed to behave in such a manner, he or she may be asked to leave.

20. Rights to Admission are reserved in case or overbooking, natural calamities, misconduct at Sadhanalaya, maintenance shutdowns, power outage or any other unforeseen problems.

Carrying the following items would be helpful for the retreat:

Kriya beads, notebook, pen, torch, mosquito repellent, candle, matchbox, cap for the sun, umbrella / raincoat, woolens as required (as per the season), personal toiletries, and medicines.

The Sadhanalaya is run and maintained only by donations received from retreatants and devotees of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. To help with expenses of running and maintaining this Sadhanalaya for all who seek spiritual sustenance, we appeal to you for your generous, prayerful support. Yogoda Satsanga Society is thankful for help from those who are blessed financially and can give larger contributions. All retreat offerings are gratefully received and used for the ultimate benefit of retreatants.

Please note that all donations to Sadhanalya are exempt from income tax under Sec. 80-G of the I.T. Act, 1961.

For any suggestion and queries please contact

Aniruddha Mhasitkar -: +91-9890199093

Time :after 6.30 pm.

Pune Dhyana Kendra :+91-9881240512

Time: 11 am to 5 pm.

Wishing you a happy and spiritually rewarding Stay Always!